Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beneath the Ice, a Dark Fantasy

Exciting news, everybody!

Tomorrow, November 21st 2008, my first Dark Fantasy will be available from loveyoudivine. Beneath the Ice is a wonderful winter piece. Whether you're a fellow Canadian gearing up for the onslaught of December snowfalls, or you hail from warmer climates but you've always been cold-curious, Beneath the Ice is sure to satisfy all your paranormal needs.

Beneath The Ice - Giselle Renarde

To save the children of her village from the dreaded, three-headed sea monster Kaloopalooit, Enooya must brave the Arctic Ocean and venture Beneath the Ice.
* * *
The sea monster Kaloopalooit lives in the cracks of the ocean ice, devouring the children of the Arctic.

When Enooya bets her husband she's a better fisher than he, she sets off unperturbed to the fissures in the sea ice. After all, the Kaloopalooit is just an imaginary monster the elders created to scare kids. Soon enough, Enooya discovers just how real the Kaloopalooit is, when it pursues her, dragging her down into the icy waters. The sea monster is beautiful and horrible, shimmering and bizarre. In exchange for breath, it demands that Enooya secure children for its dinner. Enooya has a better idea: Why not sample the delicacy called woman?

Beneath the Ice is an erotic adaptation of an Inuit folktale.

To read an excerpt and get a copy of your own, visit loveyoudivine.

Watch the Book Trailer today...right's right here, just look down...