Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Year's Naughty

Not even Christmas yet, and already I'm gearing up for the New Year! That's because December 18th 2009 brings an exciting new release from Shadowfire Press.

New Year's Naughty is a New Year's themed M/F erotic anthology. It includes my twisted tale of contemporary multicultural romance, "Out of the Cold." If you happen to like my longer works, you'll be happy to know "Out of the Cold" is well over 10,000 words. It's a real sweetheart of an erotica romance, if ever I've written one.

Who will Amira ring in the New Year with when her online romance goes array?

Want a little taste? Here's an excerpt from "Out of the Cold" by Giselle Renarde, appearing in Shadowfire Press' erotic anthology, New Year's Naughty:

The cruel black cursor blinked like an impatient insect on Amira’s stark white screen. It counted off the seconds, the minutes, the hours she’d wasted in front of her computer. She stared at it. That’s all she could do. Just stare. As badly as she wanted to write to him, she wavered like a pendulum. What if he didn’t like her? Or worse yet, what if he didn’t remember her at all? Nothing could be more embarrassing than writing to a real cutie and getting a response like, Who are you and do you want? Keith didn’t seem like the kind of guy who would jump at an invitation from just any old floozy. From what Amira could tell, it would take a special brand of floozy to win him over.

Hi Keith,

Amira here, from the first aid course. I’m sure you must remember me, because I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t even begin to tell you how glad I am that I stole your e-mail address off your registration form. Maybe you think it’s cocky of me to write to you like this. Or maybe you think it’s intrusive. Well, I have this persistent fantasy I’m just dying to tell you about because…guess what? You’re the star!

In my fantasy, it’s five in the morning and I wake up to hear a tapping sound at my bedroom window. When my eyes finally focus, I realize it’s you crouching outside my basement apartment. I’m glad you didn’t go to the front door. See, my auntie and my cousins live upstairs and they’re a very nosy bunch.

You want me to let you in, you say? I smile slyly, while I mull the idea over. “How discourteous of you to show up unannounced,” I tease. “And at such an unseemly hour! You’ve caught me in nothing but a nightie.”

To punish you, I take my time in coming to the window. Will I open it and allow you to enter in out of the cold? Or won’t I? I haven’t decided yet. At least, that’s what I pretend.

Tossing my blankets down to my feet, I stretch like a cat, allowing quite a lot of flesh to peek out from under my black silk negligee. I roll out of bed and climb onto my big comfy reading chair under the window. You certainly do look cold, crouching out there in the 5 a.m. frost.

Bet you’d love to come inside, out of the cold. Wouldn’t you?
Get yourself a copy of my newest anthology New Year's Naughty from Shadowfire Press and ring in a sexy New Year!

Bright Blessings,
Giselle Renarde

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