Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An Invitation to Get Down!

As we meander through winter in search of Valentine's Day heat, some of our favourite authors are on tap with advice about sex, relationships, love...all that good stuff. The first tip comes from the one and only Barrie Abalard!

A lot of men like to be asked to have sex by their wives or lovers. If it's your style to be the pursuer, create or purchase an inexpensive card (blank inside) to invite him to get down with you on V-day. Make the invitation as explicit (or not) as you want. Then, follow through with something extra he might enjoy--a new piece of lingerie to model (and have ripped off), a new sex toy, or maybe simply a suggestion that you restrain him gently in order to give him what an awful lot of men crave--head. Your only limits to making this night one to remember are your imagination and your pocketbook. Have fun!
-- Barrie Abalard

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Getting spanked, or not getting spanked--which is worse? Barrie Abalard poses this question in her sexy new ten-story collection, "Just Spank It." Each of the five pairs of romantic spanking short stories has either a common theme or recurring characters: The continuing saga of a Boston blueblood and her working class husband, otherwise known as the Charles and Anne stories. (You won't believe how much Charles spanks his disobedient wife.); Bratty women on the road (who get what they deserve, of course); A very special limousine service (just for spankers); Scorching introductions to spanking for two unlucky (or is it lucky?) women; and, finally, getting spanked, or not getting spanked--which is worse? When you curl up with "Just Spank It: A Short Story Collection," make sure you have a cool drink handy, because you're going to be hot by the time you finish one of these stories!

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Barrie Abalard has been writing and selling spanking stories since 1995, some drawn from personal experience, some total flights of fancy. She's had three careers and many, many different kinds of jobs over the years, though she has lived mostly in the Boston area, Delaware, and New Jersey. After Boston, her first geographic love, living in New Jersey required a period of adjustment. However, doing so has been an entertaining ride. She writes as Belle on the premier spanking romances web site, Watch for her updated web site--the current one is

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