Friday, September 24, 2010

Unique, An Authors By Authors Promotional Anthology

You know I love Kiki Howell, right? Well, she's got a call for submissions out for a promotional anthology. Royalties will be pooled into a lottery for one lucky reader to win! Isn't that awesome? I've never heard of anything like it before! Maybe that's why the antho will be called...


This anthology is a unique promotional opportunity being offered by the Authors By Authors Blog For the author, not only will you get all the advertising/promo that will go along with this anthology and a chance to introduce your work to new readers, but the giveaways and lottery will gather many opportunities for reviews. No royalties will be made from this anthology, it is for promotional purposes only. All money made minus costs will go into the final lottery for the readers to win. Please read through the timetable below to see how this unique project falls together and to see all the chances for promo the authors whose stories are chosen will have. My goal is to pick a wide range of genres to be represented from paranormal, horror, chick lit, romance, suspense and all the mixes you can create! I do want to limit the contest to those over the age of 18.

Time Table For Unique:

Submissions Accepted - until November 1st, 2010
**To Submit - Send the following in One Attached as RTF or Doc – using the naming convention of “Unique_Title_Author Name” to with the Subject Line of “Unique Submission”:
1. Author Name
2. Author Email
3. Author Website (opt.)
4. Story Title
5. Story Genre(s)
6. Story Blurb
7. Story (Never before published because I think that would defeat the unique theme I have going on here! LOL)
Word Count: Generally 1K – 5K, but flexible within reason
Theme: Unique – However you want to interpret that! That includes a unique storyline.
8. Individual Story Giveaway – More info below
9. Lottery Donation (opt.) – More info below

Final Decisions of Stories to be Included – No later than November 10th, 2010
** I have gathered help in reading through submissions and deciding which are chosen to fill the spaces available.
**Contracts will go out to the authors of the stories selected just giving me rights to use the story once in the ebook and possibly print. Not getting complicated here, this is a promo opportunity.

Edits/Beginning Promo – November & December, 2010
**General Promo Information will be emailed to authors to give them a place to start.

Book Release – January 1st, 2011
**Will be released on Amazon & Smashwords, as well as hopefully a few others I am looking into. Suggestions welcome. Ebook will be available at an inexpensive price - thinking like $0.99 Again, all the money made after costs are covered will go into the final Lottery. If I decide to go with Print, the price will be $1 over cost to print through CreateSpace. I have considered the idea of doing print after with authors best reviews from the contest in it, and make it available at cost if authors wanted to use it later as a giveaway themselves. Open to thoughts and ideas.

Sales/Giveaways/Promo – January and February 2011
**Through these months the following things will happen:

1. First few days of sales each story will be featured on the blog (short blurb/tagline, genres, author name, author links, other works). Giveaway for that individual story will be announced. Depending on amount of stories accepted, I may end up grouping these to get them all out in the first days.

2. Readers will purchase the book, read it and submit one line minimum reviews of a single story to be entered into any story giveaways plus the final lottery. The more reviews entered for individual stories – the more entries into the final jackpot giveaway. These reviews will be posted on the blog daily. Info about the reviewer can be anything from anonymous, a name, an author name with website link, a blog owner with blog link, a publisher with pub link, etc. So, lots of chances to win, plus a little free advertising for those who want it – more enticement to enter.

3. Authors By Authors as well as the authors in the Anthology will continue to promote the book. I (as Authors By Authors) plan on purchasing a banner and buying some cover ads as well as getting a book tour going on other blogs to advertise the anthology and giveaways. I will encourage authors to do all the promo they wish/can on blogs, yahoo groups, Facebook pages, etc. as well trying to get reviews/entries for their story.

4. Story Giveaways and Final Lottery Winners Announced and Contacted – February 28th, 2011
**Number of winners for Lottery will be determined by amount of entries. Prizes will be a $25 gift cards, plus division of any donations of items (books, booksmarks, etc) by authors, or anyone else involved in making of the book.
NOTE: How many gift cards to be won in the lottery will be determined by total sales minus costs to produce book -- costs will be editing provided by Gateway Editorial Services (, cover costs, banner and ads, etc. The donations I get from authors for the lottery will be divided up as evenly as I can between the prizes.

If this goes well, response wise, I will be planning on doing additional anthologies.

Any questions please send to
Permission to forward or repost granted!


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