Monday, December 13, 2010

Festive Frenzy: Angel's Wish by Kissa Starling

Title of Work- Angel's Wish, f/f, BDSM
Author Name- Kissa Starling

Blurb- Angel is nothing more than a two-bit mechanic. She dreams of vintage pin-up girls and old cars. Nothing else excites her. She takes a cat nap one day at work and wakes up in the 1950’s. Old cars are now new and classy women are abundant and sweet. Can she find hers before she’s yanked back to her own time? Lust, love, or luck- she’s bound to find one of the three when she wishes upon the star on a tree!

“What time of year is it?”
“Why December, Mum, I mean, Ma’am. Very near to Christmas. In fact the family
 will be getting the house ready soon.”

“Thank you, Mary. Come stand in front of me.” I removed her maid’s garment. Her 
breasts were small and perky. Her areolas were light pink and smooth to the
 touch. The cleft between her legs was thick with dark curls. Her curves were 
heavy and her ass was well rounded. Just my type. I couldn’t stand those twiggy
“I need a switch. Go behind the house and find me a sturdy twig about two feet

“But mum, there is snow out there, I get ever so cold. What if someone sees me

I smiled at her and grabbed her by the hair. There was just enough to hold onto. 
I pulled her to me and placed my face in front of hers. I tried to keep in mind
 that she was a novice; she had a lot to learn. I was just the woman to teach 

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