Thursday, February 21, 2008



I must admit, even as an erotica writer, it's not a word I use all that often.

Breasts. That's a nice word. Breasts are pretty. Breasts are proper and functional. Breasts are beautiful and sensual.

Or, how about tits? Tits are sexy. Tits are pointy and powerful. Tits are fully involved participants in acts of reckless carnality. Tits are hot.

What, then, of boobs? Well, at "booboob - more than a babelog," where I found this gorgeous photo of Masuimi clutching her spectacular tits, clad in that lovely red and white bikini top, boobs are all of the above and more.

This site is my new obsession. I think I'm so taken with it because the pictures are evocative, sexy, natural, fetishy... everything but ogling. I don't get a sense of the "male stare" when I look at this site. These are women of all shapes and sizes, and breasts to match, with plenty of categories to choose from if you happen to appreciate a certain look. I love the "fetish" category. Oh, and "girlfriends" too.

I've chosen a sample photo where the boobs are covered in clothing, but in the vast majority of booboob's collection, boobs are out loud and proud. But don't take my word for it, go see for yourself. This site is hot beyond belief. I just had to share...