Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cunning Little Vixens

Is your life desperately lacking wet-hot f/f/f/m group sex? Yeah, so was mine, until three cunning little vixens came along to provide relief.

Curious? Here's the blurb for my newest release from eXcessica...

Pardon me, Mrs. Edstrom, but why is that young gentleman suspended from your daughter’s window?

No men in the closet. No men under the beds. It’s lights-out time for Mrs. Edstrom’s daughter Enid, and two lodgers, Suzette and Zofia. But the joke’s on the landlady: the cunning little vixens have a strapping young lad hanging for dear life to the trellis outside their window. The very second their over-protective matron locks the bedroom door, it will be time to hoist him in and have their wicked ways with him. But who can be certain whether Mrs. Edstrom’s is a house for silly schoolgirls or serial killers?

Flighty, funny, and just a little frightening, if Gilbert and Sullivan had written an operetta containing group sex and homicidal overtones, it would be Cunning Little Vixens.

Gee golly gosh, I'm moist just thinking about it! Honestly, this is one of my absolute favourite stories. It's got just the right combination of lesbian sensuality, "innocent" young things, comedy, ominous overtones, and spicy ménage. I just love a good foursome!

Cunning Little Vixens is available today from eXcessica! You should buy it. It's really good. :-)

Click here to read an excerpt.

Bright Blessings,