Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Biggest Bitch

Nothing is ever complete until you've shared it with those you love. Along those lines, I'd love to share with all my sweeties out there the marvelous review my novella Tangled Roots received from Mrs Giggles.

Now, if you've read the review in question, "marvelous" might not be the term that comes to mind. You might think, "crippling critique," "debilitating assessment" or "outright pan," even. Ah, but how far from the truth! You see, these things are all a matter of perspective.

I can see how one might read a line like,
"Ms Renarde starts out by making her heroine Simone a complete bitch," and take it as a negative. No, no, no. Not at all. I take that line as high praise. Simone is without a doubt the biggest bitch the world has ever seen. While it isn't quite the case that "she lost her job because she kicked one baby too many at the workplace," the truth isn't much more pleasant.

Let me tell you a little bit about Simone Valcourt: she's based on a former psycho-bitch client of mine. I couldn't believe my ears when somebody told me this woman was married. What kind of man could possibly stand to live with the Wicked Bitch of Bay Street? I couldn't stand to be in the same room with her for more than thirty seconds. I knew there had to be a story in there, but of course I wouldn't dare ask her, so I made one up. Essentially, I considered all the bitchy women I'd encountered and realized they all had love lives too. That's how Tangled Roots was born.

Hey, I never claimed Tangled Roots wasn't a challenging work. It demands more of the reader than your run-of-the-mill romance, but when did I ever claim this book was fluff? In fact, the first thing my editor said to me upon reading the prologue to Tangled Roots (which Mrs Giggles calls "unexpectedly well written") was that he could tell right away this book wasn't going to turn into fluff.

There is a big push in this genre to dumb characters down and make them palatable, but, seriously, how many waifish heroines whose major flaw is nail-biting can fit on one bookshelf? What I will always love about Simone, even if she is "really nasty and confrontational," is that she exists in a class all her own. What I love about eXcessica is that this publisher showcases daring works like Tangled Roots.

I'll let Mrs Giggles have the final word on the matter:
"If you enjoy reading interracial romances with the heat level turned up a few notches, you may like this one... provided that you can overlook the heroine's antagonistic nature."

So, what do you say? Are you up to the challenge? Click here

Bright Blessings,