Thursday, March 5, 2009

Round up your friends, because it's voting time!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a Six Word Story!

The time had come to choose a favourite. Round up your friends, because it's voting time! All of the stories I've received are posted in the pretty little polling station just to the right of here. See it? It's right there (I'm trying to insert and arrow but it's not working, so just look that way...)

I know that teeny tiny typeface is hard to read, so all the stories are also listed below.

Which of these six word tales grabs you?

He came. He came. He left.
~Sommer Marsden~

Their gazes met. Lust or love?
~Desirée Lee~

Life, love, hilarity. Time to rest!

I really got naked for this?
~Laura Loo~

Harnessed, knelt, waiting.


"Yes, Ma'am."
~Jude Mason~

She rubbed. He watched. Both smiled.
~Marina St. Clare~

Gave In Married Man Mother Picked
~Shell the Hockeyvampiress~

I came, I shot, I conquered

Touched, kissed, used. Make it count!

Her husband is an intelligent zomby.

One look was all it took.

Polls close March 20 11:59, so exercise your democratic right today!

P.S. Jude, LuAnn and Laura Loo, please send me an email at to claim your copy of Cunning Little Vixens!

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