Monday, May 11, 2009

FREE READ! The Maelstrom by Giselle Renarde

His words were my Maelstrom,
always pulling, pulling, pulling...
Maybe you've read a story or two from my Lawrence and Audrey series, about a professorial older man and his much younger mistress. If you haven't, you are in luck today! My erotic, dark, psychological story THE MAELSTROM is available to read for free at THE EROTIC WOMAN!

THE MAELSTROM is an erotic vignette, opening up Audrey and Lawrence's world to us. We listen to them as they lie together, discussing and analyzing their dreams, and we wonder how well they know each other...and themselves.
Before I met you, I dreamed every night. In my dream, I was at sea aboard a small vessel approaching a Maelstrom, like in the story by Poe. I was in a panic because the winds were picking up and I could see the whirlpools up ahead. There was no chance of survival once I reached them, I knew, and my heart was racing. When I looked into that swirling black water, I knew I was going to die and a feeling of utter contentment came over me. I was free.
Read THE MAELSTROM now at The Erotic Woman.

Love and Hugs,
Giselle Renarde

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