Saturday, January 9, 2010

Audiobook Addendum

I think I might have mentioned once or twice (or 57 times) that I have a new audiobook on the market. Does this sound familiar? It's called Ondine: An Erotic Tale of Art and Deception.

Of course I want everybody to run right out and buy a copy, but I gotta say, based on the "sample" you can listen to on the Audible and Audible UK shall I put this? Well, it's just not the most sensual, exciting, intriguing, or even interesting scene in the book.

So, what I've done is picked out another little sample for you to listen to. Keep in mind, I had to choose a scene that was sensual without too much naughtiness if I wanted it to stay up on YouTube for more than 3 minutes. Trust me. YouTube has deemed my "content inappropriate" in the past.

Here's a snippet from my hot new audiobook:

Hope you like it!
Giselle Renarde

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