Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Anonymous is Announced

After a night of ménage sex with her husband and a mysterious male escort, Hannah becomes obsessed with discovering the true identity of "Mr. Anonymous."

Over the past couple months I've dropped hints here and there that I wrote a novel. Well, it's finally time to make the big announcement!

I love short stories, but everybody and her mother (and also my mother, even though she won't read my work) has been asking me to get a novel on the market. Well, I've listened and it's happening. And you know what else? It's good!

My novel is called Anonymous, as you might have guessed from the cover. The title and the plotline came to me together and I was so excited I pushed everything else aside and started work on it. It's MMF menage, which actually isn't so clear from the cover, so just keep in mind when you're looking at it that there's at least, like, one other guy behind that one. Probably two guys. LOL. I'll post the blurb and a little excerpt:

Hannah and her husband Nathaniel have always shared one particular fantasy. He wants to suck another man’s cock and she wants to watch. When she loses her job to a crumbling economy, Hannah soon finds that an idle mind is indeed “the devil’s playground.” She latches onto the delectably naughty idea of bringing a third into the bedroom, but inviting a man they both know to join them could have far-reaching negative consequences. What they need is someone else. Someone anonymous.

After a hot night of ménage sex with a stunning escort, Hannah becomes obsessed with finding out the identity of their mystery male. Even when Nathaniel unexpectedly introduces another vibrant young man into their relationship, Hannah remains possessed by her fixation. To what lengths will she go to discover the real identity of "Mr. Anonymous"?


“I want to suck another man’s cock,” he said.

She smiled. “I want to watch you.”

“I bet you do.”

After setting her glass down on the coffee table, Hannah crossed her bare legs over her husband’s lap and laughed. “I can’t believe we’re talking like this. It’s so naughty!”

She ran her fingers down the front of his already unbuttoned shirt and leaned in to kiss his neck. He smelled like wet pine after coming in from the rain. She kissed him again, kissed his cheek this time. Every peck left a pink mark on his flesh. Tonight, she’d paint him with lipstick. Her lips would be her brush, and his skin her canvas. She’d been waiting all day, and now this dirty talk was gearing her up for an evening to remember.

“Sorry again about dinner,” she said with a deliberate pout.

Nathaniel shrugged. “Hey, it’s not your fault the power went out. I wasn’t all that hungry anyway.” Leaning toward the coffee table, he stacked some cheese onto a cracker and popped it in his mouth. Hannah felt awful that finger food was the best she could do after promising him a meal to die for. She nuzzled his chest as he chewed. From the time he’d walked through the door, she suspected it wasn’t food Nathaniel had on his mind. Her husband wasn’t usually a dirty talker, but he’d sure gotten into it tonight. Maybe it was the candles. The whole atmosphere of the power outage fostered creativity.

“What else do you want?” she asked. “If we had another man here right now, what would you do to him?”

Nathaniel made an Mmm sound deep in his throat as Hannah pulled his shirttails from his navy blue trousers. “Are you undressing me?” he asked.

“Are you avoiding the question?” she answered.

He kissed her forehead, leaving a dab of wet warmth in his wake. “Have you ever known me to avoid questions?” He chuckled as she pushed his shirt down over his shoulders and teased his pert nipple with her tongue. “Oh, you do have a talent for that.”

“You like it, huh?” She leaned across his chest and bit the other nipple as it stood erect. “Well, then, you’d better keep talking, mister. I want to see it in my mind.” Sitting up beside him, Hannah looked out across the candlelit living room. Her gaze fell into the rocking chair under the vast window of the sunroom extension. “If there was a handsome young man sitting in that rocking chair over there, what would you do to him?”


Anonymous will be available from Amber Quill Press April 23 as an e-book and it will come out in print in May, so keep an eye out for that cover! I'm excited about this, so thanks for letting me share my great news with you!



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