Saturday, April 9, 2011

Watch Out For Falling Prices! (Is that corny?)

I feel like I'm stealing blog titles from old Wal-Mart commercials now, but my brain kind of exploded with excitement when I realized that eXcessica, one of my awesome publishers, has implemented some huge discounts across the board.

You can now get your copies of Cunning Little Vixens and Kandinsky's Shirt Button for a mind-blowing $0.99! Vixens used to be $1.99 and Kandinsky was $2.99 -- Now they're just $0.99 each!

What else has been reduced? The biggies! Ondine and Audrey & Lawrence are just $3.99 each (for the e-books), down from $4.99. In print they're still $11.99, which isn't a bad price either.

If you've missed these old titles, now's the perfect time to buy them. I've linked above directly to the publisher, but if you want to check them out on Amazon, here's my page:

There's nothing I love more than value for my dollar!


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