Sunday, August 7, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Elementary, My Dear Kathryn

This week's six are from my newest release, Elementary, My Dear Kathryn. This short ebook is intense with a capital IN...and a capital TENSE, too. It's lesbian threesome BDSM anal fetish erotica *gasp* (ooh, that's a mouthful) and a story of childhood friends reuniting. (What, don't you have lesbian BDSM threesomes when you meet up with your old school chums?)

Though the erotic content of this story gets way up there in the flame ratings, I chose six sentences that are more mood-setting than jaw-dropping. Here they are, from Elementary, My Dear Kathryn:

The hotel bed was a mess of pantsuits and dresses.

“I didn’t know what to wear,” Kathryn explained, sheepishly picking up garments and hanging them in the closet.

Melanie watched her white pumps step, step, step, crossing from bed to closet, closet to bed. Kathryn’s bare legs gleamed like they’d been waxed recently and polished with oil. Her dress was so tight it rode up her thighs as she walked, and she stopped every so often to pull down on the hem.

What a body!

Elementary, My Dear Kathryn by Giselle Renarde is available now from loveyoudivine Alterotica


  1. Great set up - sounds like a scorching hot read!!

  2. Very sensual description! Nice Six! Congrats on the release!

  3. What does one wear to a lesbian threesome BDSM get-together? Great description of Kathryn.

  4. Oh yes, she's got it going on! Hot six!