Sunday, September 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Audrey & Lawrence

An affair is always easy in the beginning. There's plenty of steamy sex and getting-to-know-you. Everything is for now. Immediate gratification. No thought of the future.

That's how it starts for Audrey and Lawrence. Audrey's only concern is helping an unhappy man trapped in a sexless marriage revive the virility of his youth. That approach doesn't last long. As her affection builds, she wants more than she can have, and more than Lawrence is willing to give.

My "Audrey and Lawrence" stories are a based around the 10 years of life I spent as mistress to a married man. (Ah, the follies of youth!) I always wonder if that confession will make me unpopular, or if it will build a sense of affinity among others who have been involved in adulterous relationships...

Here are my Six from Audrey & Lawrence:

Reaching out, Lawrence held my cheek and his touch was the touch of God. It rang through my body like cathedral bells, alerting my cunt it was time for worship. He squinted and the teardrops fell like lava against my chest as he leaned his head toward mine.

Without a word, Lawrence laid a passionate kiss on my mouth. My eager tongue groped for his. It was hot, wet, forceful but yielding.

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  1. She is definitely smitten - exactly how it feels in the beginning. Great six!

  2. I really felt the passion behind it. Great work. What a lovely six!

  3. Very sexy Giselle, loved it! And no condemnation from me!

  4. Loved this six. No condemnation from me either. It is what it is :)

  5. "It rang through my body like cathedral bells, alerting my cunt it was time for worship." Great line. Enjoyed your six.