Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Callie and the Hipsters, Cougar MMF Menage

This Sunday's Six Sentences come from one of my new releases, Callie and the Hipsters. It's a funny little cougar MMF Menage ebook from the "Hot Flash" line at Secret Cravings Publishing.

In this brief episode, our cougar Callie has woken up after a night of serious Kahlua drinking with her son's hipster friends. She needs to use the bathroom but the toilet is occupied by a young woman's head. Some of you may be more familiar with this type of hangover interaction than others. In fact, hey, it's Sunday morning--some of you may be enjoying such interactions right now:

“I really need to pee,” Callie said to the girl with her head in the toilet.

The girl tried to point, but her hand fell back down at her side as she mumbled, “Use the shower.”

“To pee?”




There you have it! If you enjoy this type of incredibly stimulating dialogue, why not pick up a copy of Callie and the Hipsters? (There's some family drama and hot sex, too, but... you know, whatevs)



  1. I've experienced this once. the night by DH brought home some friends of his from the bar. I took keys and wouldn't let them go home until the next morning. *Shakes head* I totally understand Callie's frustration. Waiting for the bathroom is not a good thing.

  2. Oh, that would suck. LOL! Fortunately I haven't been in either of those woman's shoes. Funny six.