Sunday, October 30, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday~A Tale of Fur and Flesh, Shapeshifter Erotica

I am in love with a Scottish wolf.

He's one of the shapeshifters from my new erotic fairy tale, A Tale of Fur and Flesh, and this Six Sentence Sunday I'm going to share him with you. The sex scene between the wolf and Lally, my princess on the run, is so hot (to me) because they really go at each other verbally before (and as) they go at each other physically. I'm a sucker for the dirty.

Here's my six:

She grasped for an effrontery—anything to make Wolf hold her arms against the forest floor and plough harder into her ravenous cunt. “You gut-monger!”

Wolf pulled out of her as quickly as he had entered. “Am I that, now?” he asked with a cruel lilt in his voice. Lally kept her cheek to the ground. “So the wee alley cat wants to be buggered, does she?”

Oh baby, does she ever!


  1. Wonderful six sentences! I wish you a ton of sales with your books! Happy Sunday and Happy Halloween!

    Stephanie Adkins

  2. Great six..and love the title your chose. Nicely done on both :)

  3. Love the "wee alley cat," lol. Nice 6.

  4. Wow, what a great six sentence. Best wishes on your book and Happy Halloween. :-)

  5. Damn! He's onto her! Great six, Giselle. :)

  6. A great piece! Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

  7. Thanks everybody! Happy Halloween!