Sunday, November 6, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday~Narcissist Seeks Narcissist, Lesbian Erotic Comedy

Hello Sunday!

This week I'm posting six sentences from my newest release, a lesbian erotic comedy called Narcissist Seeks Narcissist. The story kicks off when Babette writes a snarky personal ad for her self-absorbed friend Szuszu. Here's the ad:

Narcissist seeks narcissist for mutual adoration. Turn-ons include mirrors, soup spoons, darkened windows, and other reflective surfaces. Must enjoy photo albums, the sound of her own voice, and endlessly reliving days of cover girl glory. Doppelgangers will receive preferential treatment—see attached photo. Models preferred. Serious enquiries only.


Narcissist Seeks Narcissist is Available Now from:



  1. You know, I've actually seen ads like this. Very intriguing. I'm curious how two narcissists could connect. Interesting six, Giselle.

  2. Hmmm, that ad should definitely bring interesting people. Love the premise!

  3. Hello, Giselle! I love the six! I hope you're having a great Sunday!