Sunday, January 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Wonderful Wing Boys

In Wonderful Wing Boys, Deb from the world of Only Angels is back with a story of her own. Well, it's not just hers. She shares it with two hot young guys from the Only Angels cougar club.

Six Sentences from Wonderful Wing Boys by Giselle Renarde:

Avoiding the bar, Deb squeezed past working hunks and their huge white wings to get to the booths. Most of the white curtains were shut, which meant an angel was inside entertaining a client. When she arrived at booth six, the one she’d been advised to meet her boys at, she found the ceiling-to-floor curtain closed. Her angels must have shut it so the boss wouldn’t think they were slacking off, she figured, and pulled the thing wide open.

Deb gasped at what she saw. She told herself to pull the curtain closed again, but couldn’t manage it.

Wonderful Wing Boys is now available from Secret Cravings Publishing. The best part is it's only $0.99!


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  1. Oh my. This sounds like a very, um, interesting place. ;-)