Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Little Bit More About Confessions

Yesterday I told you a little bit about my new release, Secret Confessions: 36 Erotic Encounters.

Today I'd like to share a little more about this book of naughty letters: the introduction and complete table of contents.


No naughty encounter is ever complete until you tell somebody about it. And who doesn’t feel a tingle while reading a naughty story and wondering, “Is this true? Did that really happen?”

There’s one quality that unifies all confession-style erotic stories, no matter how sweet or how kinky: they’re all written in the first person. (I did this, I did that.) For that reason, when reading these stories, we’re particularly inclined to wonder if these stories are true. The author is writing as though they were (I ate her pussy, I sucked his cock), so why wouldn’t we believe it?

One of the best things about confession erotica is its unique capability to allow readers to suspend disbelief. When we hear these stories, we trust that we’re being told the truth. Even if we try to be rationally and consciously skeptical, we still believe, and there’s a bit of magic in that.

So, now I’m sure you’re wondering about the confessions in this collection. Are they true? Are they fiction? The answer is yes. Some stories are entirely fictional, pure fantasy. Others draw on real events, but aren’t entirely accurate. Of course, names have been changed, to protect the “innocent” parties.

Some stories are true, some are false, some are somewhere in between. Does it spoil the fun that I’ve made this confession? I don’t think so. I still haven’t told you which are which.

Giselle Renarde

Table of Confessions

  1. Saturday at 5:30 a.m.
  2. The Loveseat
  3. Bad Behaviour
  4. A Bite For Dinner
  5. Nice Ice, Baby!
  6. Social Users
  7. Screen Saviour
  8. Webcam Amateur
  9. Someone My Own Age
  10. Popcorn
  11. Fisting for Beginners
  12. Standing Room Only
  13. Solo Girls
  14. Transgender Romance
  15. The Guys in the Closet
  16. Bathroom Witch and the Birthday Boy
  17. Three Lawyers in the Back Seat
  18. Figging
  19. A Masked Hero
  20. Lillian’s New Toy
  21. Porn Killed My Laptop
  22. Lot to Lot, Space to Space
  23. On the Last Train Home
  24. My Reluctant Spank Daddy
  25. Scent Of My Woman
  26. Cock Addict
  27. Pitting the Georgia Peach
  28. The Prude’s Failsafe Advice for Eating Ass
  29. Two for One is Double the Fun
  30. Touch Screen
  31. Loving the Love Handles
  32. My Favourite Way
  33. Wife Sandwich
  34. Reservations
  35. Ride Me, Cowboy!
  36. Early Morning Hot Tubbing

Curious? Secret Confessions is available from pretty much every retailer of ebooks, including eXcessica Publishing, Amazon, and ARe.


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