Sunday, February 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Good Bi Valentine, a bisexual romp

Okay, so V-Day is over, but Good Bi Valentine is around all year! This re-release (formerly known as "All in a Valentine Day's Work") is a light-hearted sex comedy about a female superintendent in an apartment building full of naughty tenants.

In this week's Six, Lexi and her favourite tenant Dwight are watching bad porn together... and having a goooood time:

Rubbing my clit in time with the cheesy bow-chicka-waw-waw porn music, I imagined the blonde on TV licking me just like she was licking the brunette in the movie, taking big laps of pussy-juice.

That’s when Dwight gave me a bit of a surprise. He grabbed my foot and thrust my toes into his mouth, sucking relentlessly. A crazy-good feeling struck my whole body through like lightning. The sensation was so intense I could only stand it for a few seconds. I had to pull my wet little toes out of his mouth before I died of pleasure.

Good Bi Valentine is available from eXcessica Publishing and pretty much every other respectable e-tailer.

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