Sunday, March 4, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Good Bi Valentine, sweet and censored

This week, 5 of my 86 ebooks listed at All Romance were taken down. A bisexual romp called Good Bi Valentine was among them. It contains no taboo topics. It's a delightfully cheesy comedy throwback about a building superintendent named Lexi who spends her Valentine's Day gettin' it on with various tenants.

Instead of showcasing the sex from this book (and there's quite a lot of it, granted), I want to present 6 sentences that typify the sweeter side of this little book. In this cute scene, Lexi is trying to decide whether she should give Dwight the Valentine she brought for him, worrying he'll read too much into it, or think she's corny or, or, or...

Six Sweet Sentences from Good Bi Valentine:

As I slipped on my cargo pants, I remembered something I’d brought along. Sliding my hand into one of the pockets, I fished out the small paper card I’d shoved in there. With Dwight’s appreciation of all things retro, I figured he’d get a kick out of it. I'd found it at my mother’s house when I was helping her clean out the basement. It was one of those old-school Valentines we gave out back in second grade. There was a picture of a big blue beluga and the text said, “Have a whale of a Valentine’s Day.”

Fortunately, as far as I'm aware, Good Bi Valentine has not been removed by any other retailer. You can find it at many other online booksellers, including the publisher's website: eXcessica


  1. It *IS* sweet. and it should not have been banned. Hugs, Giselle.

  2. That is sweet. I'm a little disturbed that all those books were taken down.

  3. I'm sorry for your disappointment. I enjoyed your six today and I hope the censorship issue remedies soon.