Sunday, March 18, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - A Little Burlesque, Sapphic Historical

This week's new release is a fun little lesbian historical called "A Little Burlesque." It's set in the Canadian maritimes, at a burlesque house that attracts women from all across the country. As you might imagine, many have secrets they're not keen on sharing, but what a tease my book would be if the reader didn't get to find out!

In this scene, the two "new girls" are watching a performance of Salomé's veil dance, which is part of Madame Mireille's burlesque show.

Six sentences from A Little Burlesque:

Another veil fell to the stage as Leili tugged on her slip, allowing Ginger’s hand welcome access to her pulsing wetness.

“You have to feel it in your body before it can come out in the dance,” Ginger whispered. Her breath felt hot against Leili’s ear.

“Feel what?” Leili asked.

Ginger hesitated, holding completely still before saying, “It.”

Off came the third veil.

A Little Burlesque is available at probably any ebook retailer where you might look for it. Here's an almost comprehensive listing:



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  1. MMmm, very nice, I always love your f/f scenes. Great six, should be a fun historical!