Wednesday, April 25, 2012

eXcited about eXcessica: Finger Paintings

Today I come bearing promo from my fellow eXcessican, Elise Hepner. Enjoy!

Finger Paintings by Elise Hepner


When Calliope finds out about her surprise Valentine’s Day gift—a painting session with a bunch of third graders—thrilled isn’t exactly the operative word. Shot to hell are her dreams of sexually reuniting with her overworked, overstressed longtime girlfriend, Michelle, who hasn’t had time for anything other than a quickie in months.
With one foot in the classroom, Calliope’s floored by the naive, chipper school teacher, Miss Havard. Even better when she gets a firsthand look at the flirtatious way Michelle fawns over the new woman. Yet, Calliope soon finds out that there’s more to her girlfriend’s seemingly innocent V-day surprise. A salacious fantasy unfolds putting their communication—and their bodies—to the test.
Fingers can do much more than paint and sometimes teachers teach much better outside of the classroom.

Warnings: This work contains mild D/s play, an f/f/f scene, and explores voyeurism in an elemantary school hallway and the backroom of a classroom while kids are at recess. 
Word Count: 15,268


Calliope took a quick step forward digging her fingers into the soft flesh of Michelle’s shoulders pressing her girlfriend tighter to the wall. A quiet “squeak” from her girlfriend’s mouth raised the small hairs along Calliope’s arms. With little grace, Calliope forced her upper thigh between Michelle’s legs. So fast Michelle didn’t have much time to react before she was pinned to the wall.

Calliope relished the heated pressure of her girlfriend’s pussy through her panties. A not so subtle tease against Calliope’s jean-clad inner thigh as she tried to keep her head in the game. No matter what happened, Michelle wanted her—that was self-evident. Calliope grinned with slow burning anticipation. She removed her fingers from her girlfriend’s shoulders and slammed both of her palms against the concrete block wall on either side of Michelle’s head.

“What are you going to do now?” Calliope taunted.

Michelle barely flinched. It didn’t take a genius to notice the undisguised lust widening her alert green gaze. True, they hadn’t played Michelle’s favorite dominate and submissive sexual game in a while—but that’s only because after the brutal rebuffs Calliope grew sick of doing all the work only when and where Michelle wanted it. Now Calliope didn’t give a damn, she’d do anything to get them going in the right direction.

When Michelle trembled Calliope sensed every movement against her upper body and savored her girlfriend’s instant submission like a fine wine. She leaned in—close enough to taste the perfume on Michelle’s skin— roses and a hint of coconut sun tan lotion. 

Michelle’s hands clamped onto Calliope’s waist against her tank top, her little fists twisting into the fabric. One slow, seductive trail of her tongue from below her girlfriend’s jaw, down her neck, and across her skipping, frenzied pulse point left Calliope more than eager for a second, longer taste.

Michelle shuddered tight against Calliope’s leg with a sigh that tickled tiny wisps of hair sticking out along the crown of Calliope’s black ponytail.

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