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Say Please Virtual Tour: Excerpt from Sinclair Sexsmith

I'm giggling giddily because of the excerpt I have for you today. It's part of the "Say Please" book tour. "Say Please" is an anthology of lesbian BDSM erotica edited by Sinclair Sexsmith, and guess what? The hot excerpt I get to share with you is from Sinclair's own story, "Not Without Permission"!

We are SO LUCKY! hehe

Okay, let's start with the basics about this book:
$14.95 Trade Paper ISBN 978-1-57344-785-0 5 1/2 x 8, 232 pages


Say the magic word and fulfill your deepest desires for discipline and surrender, domination and submission, and the heightened sensations of BDSM play. One request opens up a fantasy world of classic dungeon scenes, bondage and restraint, floggers and spankings, sadism and masochism, very hot sex and so much more. True to form, Sexsmith queers classic gender dynamics, with a femme daddy in Alysia Angel's "Feathers Have Weight," and genderqueer bois who earn their right to flag black in Sassafras Lowrey's "Black Hanky." In "The Cruelest Kind," Kiki DeLovely's naughty narrator gets her just desserts from her butch in a back alley. D.L. King's top makes her submissive strip before an unseen audience in "A Public Spectacle." Face slapping can be a hard limit or the most delicious craving, as Rachel Kramer Bussel's protagonist finds out in "A Slap in the Face." Whether you dream of surrendering to a lover or of weilding your power, Say Please to the erotic inspiration within.

With contributed stories by Miriam Zoila PĂ©rez, Wendi Kali, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Gigi Frost, BB Rydell, Amelia Thornton, Vie La Guerre, Sassafras Lowrey, Dusty Horn, Kiki DeLovely, Elaine Miller, Shawna Elizabeth, Sossity Chiricuzio, Meridith Guy, August InFlux, Maria See, D.L. King, Anna Watson, Dilo Keith, Sinclair Sexsmith, Alysia Angel, Xan West, and Elizabeth Thorne.

More info here:

And now for a delicious excerpt from "Not Without Permission" by Sinclair Sexsmith:

When I enter the bedroom Kristen is facing me with her head down, hands clasped behind her, on her knees on top of a small folded throw blanket. She wears nothing but her collar on her neck and the thin star ring I gave her on her left ring finger. She straightens a little when she hears me approach but does not look up. I grin.

“You look lovely, waiting for me.”

“I’m ... ready,” she swallows.

“I’m sure you are.” I finger her hair and run my hands through it, it is past her chin now, baby-fine with a golden shimmer. She leans into me a little. I touch her cheeks and chin and jaw and lips, she parts them to suck one of my fingertips into her mouth. She is turned on already, tongue swollen as she flicks it against the crease in my finger.

I lean in next to her ear. “I’m going to beat you for a little while first. I want to leave some marks on you. If you get to come, I want you to remember who does this to you, who lets you, who makes you feel good. Then I’m going to fuck you—” I haven’t decided how yet, I’ll figure that out by the time I get there. “If you can make me come, pretty girl, you can come after that. But not before.


She nods, sucking two of my fingers now.

“Good.” I remove my hand and take her black leather ball gag from the top drawer of our tall slender toy dresser. “Since you like something in your mouth so much,” I say, and kiss her, tonguing her mouth as she sighs, before I slip the gag in and buckle it behind her head.

She shudders a little and her body relaxes, already giving in. That shudder shoots right through me and I feel sparks climb my spine.

“Alright, up,” I say, then tug on her elbow when it takes her a moment to register. She scrambles to her feet. I shove her, hard, quickly, to the bare patch of wall next to the closet and pin her there with my body, one hand on the side of her face to press her cheek into the plaster. I hold her there a second and we both breathe.

“Ready?” I ask, at her ear again. She nods. “Hands on the wall.”

She reaches as I unbuckle my belt and whip it from the loops of my jeans. She tries to say, “Oh, god,” but it comes out as a whimper through the gag. I can hear the syllables, the vowels.

I let my arm be loose, let the leather be soft and supple as I warm up her ass and thighs and back. She gets supple too, her body relaxing and releasing already, muscles easing up their tight grip on her bones. She leans into the wall for support.

I get a little harder and see a thin line of drool start to fall from her mouth and chin. She tries to wipe it with her shoulder but keeps forgetting about it when my belt reconnects and snaps her into the sensation. She breathes deep. I widen my stance. Her back is striped with lines, her ass and thighs red and splotchy. I take a few full-winged swings with my legs spread, back spiraling, pulling up as I feel my cock’s extra weight pulling down between my legs. She gasps as it hits, once, then a pause, then twice, then again as I wind up and throw. She collapses a little into the wall on the third and I know she’s almost done. I press my body against her sensitive backside and she gasps, arches her spine like a cat, lolls her head back on her neck to rest against me.

She leaves her hands on the wall, never moving them. She must really want to come tonight.

I run my hands along the sweet curves of her body gently, resting on her ass before letting my fingers travel down between her legs.

She is wet, dripping down her thighs.

Is it just me, or is that the hottest image in the history of everything? Pussy juice dripping down a woman's thigh... Mmmm...

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