Sunday, April 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday~Elementary, My Dear Kathryn

Earlier this week, I mentioned that my lesbian anal fetish ebook "Elementary, My Dear Kathryn" was banned by ARe. Boo.  But a lot of readers mentioned that lesbian anal fetish erotica was something they reeeeeaaaaallllllly liked, so this Sunday I figured I'd showcase 6 sentences from my most recently banned book.  Oh, and it's a menage story--in case you're wondering why there are three characters in this sex scene. ;-)

6 Sentences from Elementary, My Dear Kathryn:

     Nobody was so clever they couldn’t learn something new. 
     Melanie watched as Pasha spread glistening juice all down Kathryn’s ass crack. It was beautiful, the way Kathryn moaned and writhed on the bed while Pasha rubbed there.
     “A clean asshole is a wonderful thing,” Pasha said as she poked a fingertip inside, turning it like a corkscrew. She didn’t wait long before pressing a second one in, turning her hand, spreading her fingers to pry open that tight hole. It really was an amazing thing to watch. 

Amazing to think about, amazing to read about, amazing to try at home! heh. All this and more can NOT be purchased at ARe, but IS available at many other retailers, including the publisher, loveyoudivine (which is having a 25% off sale right now), Amazon, Barnes & Noble... places like that.


Giselle Renarde 


  1. Great writing, hopefully this censorship issue will be resolved or at least an adequate work around established. Good Luck with all your projects.

  2. Fabulous scene, elegantly crafted - here's hoping being banned boosts sales!

  3. Banned at ARe--Wow! This is a great six, glad we can still purchase it elsewhere!