Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another FREE Lesbian Comedy: Goose Girl

For a limited time, you can grab yourself a copy of my lesbian erotic comedy Goose Girl from Amazon, thanks to the publisher, New Dawning Bookfair.  I gotta say, it's great to work with a publisher who puts ongoing effort into marketing a title!  It's surprisingly rare.

Okay, so here's what you want to know:  Goose Girl is a funny fairy tale adaptation that features lots of silliness and sex.  It will be available for free at Amazon between May 15th and May 17th, 2012.

Product Description

En route to meet her handsome prince, Princess Svana begs her waiting-maid Rosamunda for a quick cuddle. Before Svana can say, "Identity Theft," the waiting-maid steals her royal apparel and marries her prince. The poor princess must take a job minding geese. Who will save her now?
Story Excerpt

When she was quite young, Princess Svana was betrothed to a fabulous prince whose father was a friend of the queens' from way back in the disco epoch. Even the tabloid reports confirmed prince Everitt was honorable, open-minded and handsome as a fairy's own child. Svana couldn't have been more delighted with the choice, or more excited about her future prospects. Despite her personal principles, the queens had taught her the overarching importance of good looks. A handsome husband meant everything.

On the occasion of her eighteenth birthday, it was time for Svana to take her leave of the caring queens and marry the good royal. Unfortunately, prince Everitt lived at a great distance. In preparation of her departure, the aged queens packed for their daughter many costly trinkets, jewels, and cups made of gold and silver. In short, they sent with Svana everything which appertained to a royal dowry, for they loved their baby girl with all their hearts.

As you might expect, Svana was not particularly happy to leave behind her many friends, the beloved queens, her birth mom, her pets, and that green grocer who never forgot to import a few mangos from faraway lands. So, to appease their darling daughter, the queens sent along a maid-in-waiting, Rosamunda. The strong-as-an-ox servant was to ride with the princess and hand her over to the bridegroom, making very certain nobody messed with their baby girl along the way. And messing with Svana was a distinct temptation for all who beheld her, such was her incredible beauty. Apart from that one time with the green grocer, which didn't really count since it was underwater, she'd managed to keep herself relatively un-messed-with.

Adult Excerpt

After riding Falada, the speaking mare, for some distance, Svana began to feel a delicious sensation between her legs. The rhythmic bouncing pressure against her lower lips generated an undeniably pleasant heat at the apex of her thighs. This was by far her favorite part of riding, this beautiful wet burn. In time, she could no longer bear the suspended bliss of it and, bringing Falada to a halt in the center of a vast field, Svana surprised her waiting-maid with a request:

"Oh, my dearest Rosamunda, riding this way has my precious cavern flowing with love nectar. I feel I would die without immediate gratification. I beg you, dismount, and take a drink from my cup."

"You have got to be kidding me," Rosamunda replied, halting her ride as well. "First of all, precious cavern? Love nectar? Who the hell talks like that, Miss Priss? If you're horny, you can bloody well get yourself off. I don't choose to be your servant."

Svana was not surprised by her maid's harsh words. They had grown accustomed to one another's ways, even in this short time together. So, in her great thirst, the princess laid her head down against Falada’s great rump. After pulling her skirt tails up well over her waist, Svana tapped with one finger at her engorged lower lips. So sensitive were they from the riding that even the slightest pressure sent waves of pleasure throughout her body.

The wetness between her thighs was hardly a shock, for Svana's pussy was extremely responsive. She was every bit as likely to appreciate a codpiece askew as she was to behold the great tumbling cleavage of a peasant woman. Bodies delighted her eyes, and as she observed the puffy white clouds against the bright blue sky, she reflected upon such bawdy sights as those.

Rubbing her fingers against the juicy folds of her craving cunt, Svana panted and moaned. Her ample breasts jumped as she fingered herself, her stiff nipples popping out from under... 

(Guess you have to download a copy if you want more!)

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