Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sex Scene from Wedding Heat: Two in the Bush

My new Wedding Heat series has its own website, and I happened to glance at the stats last night.  Seems that a lot of readers have been searching for a sex scene excerpt from the second book in the series, Wedding Heat: Two in the Bush.

There's a very sensual (explicit, I'd say) excerpt on the publisher's site, and it's the same excerpt at All Romance and 1PFR and Smashwords, and all over the damn place.  Sooo... I've gone through the story and picked out a NEW excerpt to share with you.

I knew what I wanted.  When I thought about what's hot in Wedding Heat: Two in the Bush, it wasn't just the sizzling MFF menage that came to mind, it was also the red fishnets one character, Irene, is wearing throughout the story.  I wanted to pull an excerpt that showcased those sensual stockings.

So here 'ya go:

“Okay, pretty boy, take her from behind.”  Denitsa’s voice was warm as butter, yet commanding as an army sergeant’s.  “Lift her by the fishnets, bring her to standing.”

Brian’s fingers wove through the slits in the fishnets, tugging upward, encouraging Irene to stand.  Though she could hardly bear to pull her face away from Denitsa’s hot cunt, she forced herself to look down past her naked tits with their glossy peach nipples, down to where the bright red fishnets criss-crossed her own black bush.  The sight made her heart palpitate, and for a moment she wondered if she might die here today.  At least she’d go with a smile on her face.

“Find her pussy with your fingers,” Denitsa instructed.

Brian’s touch landed softly against Irene’s skin, following the curve of her ass down, down to where the heat was.  Irene gasped when he found her pussy lips through the fishnets, exploring slowly, striking her clit.  She turned her face to the side, setting her cheek against Denitsa’s juicy cunt.

“Is her pussy wet?” Denitsa asked Brian.  “Put your fingers inside and tell me how it feels.”

Brian wasted no time pressing two brave fingers up inside Irene’s slit, and she felt her eyeballs rolling back in her head with the sheer pleasure of it.  Without thinking, Irene pressed two of her own fingers into the overwhelming wetness of Denitsa’s cunt, feeling those valiant pussy muscles clamp down on her digits, then pulse and flutter.  She wondered if her own pussy was doing the same thing to Brian.

“There,” Denitsa cooed, already bucking her hips slightly to meet Irene’s invasion.  “How does that feel?”

“Hot,” Irene and Brian said in unison.  “And Wet.”

“Yessss.”  Denitsa growled now, scouring her clit against Irene’s cheek.  Irene had never felt so dirty, but she loved the idea of another woman painting her face with pussy juice.  “Now fuck our angel, pretty boy.  Put on a show for me.”

Irene wished she could see the expression on Brian’s face as he pulled his fingers from her pussy and replaced them with his cock, but she couldn’t tear her face away from Denitsa’s hot cunt.  All she could do was turn and suck the woman’s pulsing clit while she fucked Denitsa with her fingers.

Brian’s cockhead rested at the mouth of Irene’s slit, like it was waiting for the perfect moment to thrust inside of her.  “Oh god,” she said around Denitsa’s clit.  “Just fuck me, Brian.  Fuck me hard until I come!”

“She wants you to destroy her,” Denitsa said.

“Destroy me,” Irene echoed without releasing Denitsa’s clit from her lips.

If you'd like to read more of Wedding Heat: Two in the Bush, you can buy it pretty much anywhere ebooks are sold.

If you'd like to find out more about the Wedding Heat series, I encourage you to visit its site:

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