Sunday, May 13, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Two in the Bush #sixsunday

The second story in my Wedding Heat series was just released on Friday, so of course this week's Six Sentence Sunday is devoted to my new release, Wedding Heat: Two in the Bush.  (It's MFF ménage, in case the title didn't sound dirty enough already)

Six Sentences from Wedding Heat: Two in the Bush by Giselle Renarde

Irene had never kissed a woman before.  She’d always half wondered what it would be like, and now she knew.  Now she turned herself over to that woman, trusting Denitsa’s strength as she lay back on white hotel linens.  Her chest felt tight, her dress felt tight, and all she wanted was to strip and experience the hot press of Denitsa’s great breasts skin to skin.

As Denitsa kissed her full and hot on the mouth, Irene reached up to touch one of those beautiful braless tits.  The fabric of Denitsa’s dress was slinky and soft, and it only accentuated the glory of those big round breasts.   

Hey, can you tell I like boobs? LOL

Actually, I'd forgotten how sizzling this story was until I started reading through it in search of 6 sentences to share with all of you.

If you want to know more about the Wedding Heat series, it's got a website and, of course, I announce new releases here at Donuts & Desires.

Have a good week everyone!

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