Sunday, June 10, 2012

#SixSunday Wedding Heat: Pretty Cousin

This Sunday's Six are coming to you from my very first taboo title, my latest release Wedding Heat: Pretty Cousin.

When Vanessa finds out her cousin Maggie isn’t really her cousin at all, will her life-long crush spill into seduction?

 This excerpt gets a wee bit forceful:
Vanessa tore at the knot in her belt and shrugged off her robe. “But you’re in love with me too.” 

“Stop it!” Maggie cried as Vanessa slipped under the covers, grabbing her hands and forcing her flat on her back.  
Maggie struggled, but Vanessa was stronger, and managed to pin her, knees on thighs, hands on wrists.  “Tell me you love me.  After all these years, just say the fucking words.” 
I REALLY like this story.  Writing about lesbian cousins was such an attractive idea to me that it had been percolating for years before I finally did it.

This ebook isn't available in as many places as other stories in the Wedding Heat series (because of the pseudo-incest aspect) but it IS available from:

Amazon UK:
Barnes & Noble:

And many more.

As always, you can learn more about the Wedding Heat series by visiting:

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