Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Simone is having a bad day. Not only has she broken up with Toy Boy Toby, she’s been fired from her high-powered job! Now, in hopes of raising capital to start a business of her own, Simone must sell the old family cottage. But the lakeside cabin rejuvenates her soul, and her wise neighbour Moses sparks a new flame. Only with the guidance of this tattooed man devoted to healing can Simone overcome humiliation. Passion comes easy, but is this power-hungry businesswoman ready for love of the compassionate variety?

Published by eXcessica in 2008, Tangled Roots was my first erotic romance and my first story featuring Aboriginal characters.  Despite all the outdoor sex in the summer sun (in a canoe, on a secluded island, all that fun stuff), this story's actually pretty dark.  Simone was raised to feel a lot of shame around her identity, and at the start of the story she is a hard-hearted and hard-headed woman.

But Moses warms her up...

“A Canadian is someone who knows how to make love in a canoe.”

~Pierre Berton

* * *
“I love you, Moses,” Simone said in disbelief. “I love you.”

Kissing her forehead, Moses replied. “Maybe you do. And maybe you’re looking for something beautiful to counterbalance the pain. Either way, Simone, you are loved. You are worthy of love. I guarantee it.”

The tears she cried turned from tortured to awed, like when she used to cry in church, never knowing why. Running her hands across the prickly hair of his head, Simone pulled Moses in to take comfort in the warmth of his mouth. His tongue tasted of black liquorice and of her. She kissed him hungrily, desperately, like she could consume his spiritual knowledge this way.

Simone expected him to push her away, ask her to stop, she was too emotional. He didn’t. No, Moses kissed her back, wrapping her body in his tremendous arms, leaning her down until her hair touched the pine needles. Hungry for love in any form, in all its forms, Simone pulled off her clinging top. Firelight kissed Moses’ skin, making him look like an angel in hell, while it warmed her naked breasts.

“I’m sure,” she said in anticipation of the question he was probably about to ask.

Her eager nipples piqued in expectation, pointing up to the greener than green treetops. The bristle of his hair excited Simone’s skin as Moses journeyed down to her breasts. There he worshipped, taking the luscious orbs in his hands as he pressed his beautiful face into them. Softly, he kissed the malleable flesh on either side of her cleavage, leaving wet lip marks in his wake. Slowly, he ran his hot tongue along the cleave, from the base of her round breasts up.

His soft mouth against her nipples sent a message, like an electrical current through her body. The feel of his wet tongue on the flesh of her breasts ignited her pussy, and that raindrop feeling came back to her abdomen. She was more than ready. She wanted this beautiful, sexy, tattooed man. So frickin’ badly.

“Grab the boat safety kit?” Simone requested.

Moses threw her an odd glance as he reached out for it. When he saw what she’d packed, he chuckled and clicked his teeth like she was a naughty puppy. “You planned this,” he accused, pulling a condom from the container.

Still sniffling, Simone replied with a laugh. “I only planned to have sex with you, not tell you my life story. Anyway, I told you I was feeling Canadian today.”

“Maybe we should wait ‘til we’re back in the canoe, then,” Moses suggested.

Simone giggled deep in her throat, pulling his bathing suit down with her toes. “Get these off!”

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