Monday, July 30, 2012

Mistress Mother: Age Play in Nanny State

I've written a lot of poems for my girlfriend.  Many of them are included in my anthology My Mistress' Thighs: Erotic Transgender Fiction and Poetry.

Not this one.  "Mistress Mother" is a poem I wrote on one of those desperate evenings alone, when my want overwhelmed my maturity.  I decided to include it in my lesbian kink novella Nanny State because it was just so perfectly apt.  Nanny State has a big focus on age play, discipline, punishment, suckling, and the Older/younger, Nanny/charge dynamic.

In Nanny State, "Nanny" Victoria is the author of the poem.  She wrote it as a university student, and reads it to "young" Summer, who is now in university herself and experiencing age play for the first time.

It was actually easier for me to publish the poem as a character's writing rather than mine, because it meant I didn't have to own those sentiments so directly.  As an erotica author, it can be easier to put fetishes on your characters or say you were just playing around rather than admit... yeah, that's me.  I'm a kinkster.

But this is me. I wrote this.

"Mistress Mother" appears in full in Nanny State, but you can read it here too, just because I'm in a sharing mood. :-)

Mistress Mother
By Giselle Renarde

Pull, push,
I hate you, I need you,
Mistress Mother.
Cling to your apron strings,
Soak your print dress with my tears,
Thrash as you pry me from your solid hips.

Don’t leave!
I won’t survive without you.
Callous Mother!
Mistress Abandoner!
I won’t take this desertion lying down
How dare you abscond in the night?
You should be here beside me,
Mistress Mother

Needy, raging, screaming your name as I battle the darkness,
I strike out against your absent form.
Where are you, Mistress Mother?
I am hopelessly alone.
Please pick me up.  Please take me back.
I’ve been a wretched child, but I can be better. 
I can be good.  I can behave.
Give me one more chance and you’ll see my angel wings.

Dejected, you resign yourself to feeding my hunger.
I am calm when you cross the room to soothe me in your arms.
Don’t fret, Mother-Mistress.
Give me warm milk and comfort and I’ll forgive your departure.
Bundle me in cotton and steal me to the grown-up bed.
Hold me close and rest my head where I may feast on flesh.

I am yours!  I am yours!
Yours to care for and sustain, to feed and to nourish.
Let me revive your body with long-forgotten pleasures.
You see, Mother-Mistress?  My mouth does more than scream.
Feel my lips, feel the warmth of my tongue
As it sounds out the beat of my heart on your breast.
Let me suck your taut nipples,
Let me suck them raw and red,
Until contentment ensconces us in sleep.


...and many other etailers.


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