Tuesday, August 21, 2012

24-Hour Sale! 75% Off "Audrey & Lawrence"

An older man, a younger woman.  One's married, one's not.  There's love.  There's lust.  There's adultery.  There's heartache.

From the Audrey and Lawrence website:

Who are Audrey and Lawrence?

Lawrence Galloway is a balding librarian, shy, lonely in his sexless marriage, and just desperate enough to fall prey to a girl like Audrey.

Audrey LeBreton is an alluring woman much younger than Lawrence. Her entire identity is wrapped up in one dominating aspect of her personality:

Audrey the mistress: not just what I was, but who.  I was a woman who consorted exclusively with older men, married men.  Those sad sorts raised in a bygone era, trapped in loveless, sexless relationships.  My body, my admiration, helped them, made them feel good again, feel attractive and virile.  What I gave them was a therapy, a rejuvenation.  Of course, when Lawrence came along, I was smitten.  There’d been no one else since.

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