Saturday, September 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday~Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid

Today's installment of Six Sentence Sunday is brought to you by the letters W and H and by the number 8.  That's because Full Service Bridesmaid is the 8th story in the Wedding Heat series.  It's erotic massage and MFM menage, but until I was searching for an excerpt to share, I'd forgotten that it also features some bondage.  Spicy!

6 Sentences from Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid:

“Tie my wrists?”  When Pippa felt the firm press of leather against her skin, she realized Denny was securing her arms with his belt.  She squirmed until she was sitting up very straight.  Flattening her palms against the table, she leaned back slightly for balance.  “But how can I touch you?”

“You can’t,” Denny replied. 

You can learn more about Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid and all the stories in the Wedding Heat collection at its devoted website:

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