Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Excerptfest 2012: Friday Night Lipstick

You thought it was over, but it's only just begun!  There are plenty more excerpts from plenty more stories coming your way.  This one comes from one of my favourite ebooks--a love story that features two trans women who couldn't be more different.  Opposite attract in my transgender romance Friday Night Lipstick!

When Layla and Bernice first met, they’d never heard the word “transgender.”  Back then, they thought of themselves as cross-dressers and frequented the gay clubs together. Twenty years later, Layla is a glamorous and successful real estate agent living as a woman full-time. Repressed Bernice is still married to a Rosanna, who won’t let go of the husband Bernice used to be, but she spends her lonely nights dreaming of a life with lovely Layla. While Bernice is trapped in a hopeless relationship, Layla seems perfectly content hopping from bed to bed.  On Friday night, when their facades break down, will these long-time friends finally admit their love for one another?  And even if they do, how will married Bernice and swinging single Layla build a future together?


There was nothing to say.

There was only the kiss.

For the first time in their twenty-year friendship, Bernice pressed her lips against Layla’s. Always the intrepid, Layla went one step further, parting Bernice’s teeth with a powerful tongue. Beyond its sheer strength, that tongue was warm and wet and soft as velvet.

Layla’s kisses matched the vivacity of her character, but there was a delicacy Bernice hadn’t anticipated. Had she anticipated ever kissing Layla at all? She’d like to say no, but she’d be lying. She’d hoped for this kiss, dreamed of it, and now it was really happening. Her unnamed wants all sprung to the surface, though she’d cast them aside in her hopeless hours. Now, in the passion and tenderness of this kiss, Bernice saw her future. Eternity was here, and it was beautiful.

They stumbled to the sofa, peeling the straps from Layla’s shoulders, letting her skimpy dress fall to her waist. Bernice slid down her beautiful body, and latched her mouth to one of those beckoning nipples without waiting, without asking permission.

Layla gasped when Bernice sucked, pressing both tits together just like she’d wanted to do so many nights alone in bed, dreaming of the woman she loved. She loved. She switched nipples and Layla writhed against her, moaning, “Yes Bebe, yes doll.”

Bernice pressed her face against those beautiful breasts, so much softer than she’d imagined. She couldn’t control herself, running her tongue nipple to nipple, licking, sucking, biting, making Layla squeal.

When Layla hiked up her skirt and hooked her thumbs around her black gaff, Bernice’s breath caught in her lungs. She backed off Layla’s breasts to give the woman room to wriggle out of her tight-fitting undergarments, her heart hammering as they slid down Layla’s thighs.

“What’s wrong, doll?” Layla’s copper dress covered her crotch as she kicked off her underwear. Bernice looked into her eyes and found them full of concern. “If it’s too fast, or if you don’t want to…”

“No.” At her age, Bernice felt embarrassed admitting to her inexperience. “I’m nervous, if you can believe it. I’ve just… I’ve never done this before.”

With a loving chuckle, Layla leaned forward to plant a kiss on Bernice’s cheek. “You sound like a teenager.”

“I know.” Bernice smirked. “I guess that makes you a cradle-robber.”

Layla rolled her eyes.


“Hardly.” Laughing, she said, “You’re older than I am.”

“Don’t remind me.” Bernice gazed into the valley of Layla’s thighs, and the darkness beyond. God, why was she so afraid? Maybe because Layla had been with so many men, women, people, who probably had university degrees in cocksucking, and what did Bernice know?

But Layla hadn’t loved those other people. And she loved Bernice. That was the difference.

There was nothing to be afraid of.


Friday Night Lipstick is published by loveyoudivine Alterotica and available from your favourite e-tailer.

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