Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Excerptfest 2012: Naughty: Full to Bursting

It's never too early or too late for Christmas strap-on sex with a side of double penetration!

After six months together, Wanda still hasn't told her children Janelle is more than just a friend. Janelle spends every evening at the house, helping with dinner and homework, but come 10 or 11 at night Wanda always sends her home. Their only chance for debauchery comes one weekend a month, when the kids visit their grandparents. With Christmas on the way, will tensions build too high for Janelle to handle, or will she be fully satisfied by Wanda's big, sexy gift?



Janelle sat up in the middle of the mattress, cradling the covers in both hands. Her back was bare, chilled not by the temperature of Wanda’s cozy home, but by her apprehension. The house was too quiet.


There was a squeak on the stairs and then a creak on the landing before Wanda appeared in the doorway. Janelle struggled with where to look first: she glanced at her woman’s face, but she couldn’t glean any emotion from that stony expression before her gaze shot down between Wanda’s thighs. Should she laugh or should she gasp? It was…wow, it was huge!

“Lost for words, little girl?” Wanda strutted into the bedroom, and that mammoth dildo bounced with every step. “Hey, you said you wanted more. I figured I'd give you part of your Christmas present a little early. Doubt you’ll be calling out for more after I fuck you with this monster.”

Janelle could feel saliva collecting under her tongue, and she forced herself to swallow. She couldn’t even remember what she’d been thinking about before. Now that she’d laid eyes on that big, veiny cock, she only wanted one thing.

“It’s new,” Janelle stammered, feeling like an idiot. Of course it was new, it was her Christmas gift!

The strap-on they usually used belonged to Janelle, but it was cheap, hard to wrangle, and the dildo that came with it was nothing to write home about. This new one was less a harness than a sleek pair of jockey shorts with a reinforced waistband and O-ring. Janelle had only ever seen them online, but that stretchy black fabric fit Wanda’s round ass like a wet dream.

Wanda crept up next to the bed, proud as punch, letting the new toy sway side to side. “Wanna touch it?”


Christmas stories are always popular, even in the middle of August.  Naughty: Full to Bursting is available from Torquere Press:

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