Sunday, November 4, 2012

N'oubliez pas Oubliette #SixSunday

I finally found my newest release, a lesbian threesome ghost story called Oubliette, at Amazon today.  Wouldn't you know there are like 5 million other erotic ebooks called Oubliette?  I guess I'm not as spectacularly creative as I thought I was.  Or maybe there's something about tossing a woman in a deep, dark pit that is inherently erotic.

Anyhoo, it's time for another 6 Sentence Sunday.  And, you guessed it: this week my 6 are coming from my Torquere Halloween Sip, Oubliette. To set the mysterious scene *OoOoO*, a lesbian couple is bathing a very dirty young woman they found in the woods outside a haunted castle (happens every day, yo):

Holding the bar of soap with both hands, Oubliette examined it intently while Saba turned on the shower.  When water cascaded from the overhead fixture, Oubliette looked up and screeched.  She tried to jump out of the tub, but it caught her shin and she started to fall.  If Saba hadn't been there to catch her, that pretty face would have met the slate floor.

Saba held the naked woman, their chests and cheeks pressed together, both struggling for breath.  As Miranda watched this scene, she chastised herself for feeling so aroused, but she couldn't help it.

If you want to pick up a copy of Oubliette, check out Torquere Books:
ooooor Amazon:


  1. Very descriptive and well done. first visit but will be back again. Loved the Six. :-)

  2. Beautifully written. Description pulled me right in the scene. Thanks.

  3. I enjoyed this scene--great six, Giselle! :)


  4. Sexy and me wondering about Oubliette. Thanks for sharing your six!