Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's the Stuff Yourself with Wedding Heat Sale!

So, you just got a new e-reader and now you need to stuff it with smut?  I can help with that.

Until the end of the year, you can snap up my popular Wedding Heat stories from All Romance for only $1 each!  That's a great deal.  Regular retail price on these ebooks is $2.99, so if you've been wanting to take a peek into the wonderful world of Wedding Heat... now's the time!!!

At All Romance, you can get your filthy paws on every Wedding Heat story that's been released so far *with the exception of* Wedding Heat: Pretty Cousin (since that particular lesbian story features cousin-on-cousin pseudo-incest and they don't allow pseudo-incest at ARe).

So, here are the links for my Wedding Heat titles at All Romance:

Wedding Heat: One in the Hand
Wedding Heat: Two in the Bush
Wedding Heat: Skinny Dipping

Wedding Heat: MILF of the Groom
Wedding Heat: If the Shoes Fit
Wedding Heat: Hole in One
Wedding Heat: Full Service Bridesmaid
Wedding Heat: Swing Low

You can also search "Wedding Heat" under the "series" tab at ARe.

New Wedding Heat titles are coming out Spring 2013.  Take advantage of this super-sale and stock up now!

For more information about the Wedding Heat series, including blurbs and exclusive excerpts, visit

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