Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Release: Out of the Cold (New Year’s Erotic Romance)

Geeky Amira is desperate for fun. When she meets Keith at a first aid training course, she sneaks a peek at his registration form to get his email address. After exchanging some very naughty notes, they plan a get-together on New Year's Eve… but the man she meets up with isn’t Keith at all! Will Amira ring in the New Year with her online romance, or will she be left out in the cold?

WARNINGS: This title contains graphic sexuality, explicit language, and big surprises.

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All week, Amira had postponed making contact. 
Not today; it’s Christmas Eve.

Wouldn’t want to interrupt his Christmas dinner.
Can’t now, it’s Boxing Day.

When she pictured Keith’s large hazel eyes contoured with thick, long lashes, and imagined standing on tip-toes to kiss him, she was more determined than ever. His caring gaze could melt the icicles from the eaves. She imagined those eyes staring back at her from the computer screen. The time was nigh. Now, where to begin?

Hello Keith.
No, too formal.
Hey Keith.
No, too casual.
Hi Keith.

Yes, that was perfect! Pulling her curly hair into a ponytail, she stared at the body of her email. Okay, so she had the first two words. What next?

Hi Keith,
My name is Amira. We met last week at the first aid training session. I was just wondering if maybe you might remember me?

Man, this attempt at flirtation was “like, so totally boring,” as her little sister would say. Amira scrapped it all and started over.

Hi Keith,
Amira here, from the first aid course. I’m sure you must remember me, because I can’t stop thinking about you.

Well, how was that for ridiculous? There was no way good, quiet, respectable Amira could send anything so silly. It wasn’t her.

Although, come to think of it, good, quiet, respectable Amira never had much fun, did she? And why not? Because she was too afraid of looking foolish? Of being turned down? What kind of a reason was that to always play it safe?

Everybody needed a little bit of fun in life, and after years of self-denial, Amira was desperately craving amusement. Why not, just this once, tell someone what she was really thinking? If Keith thought she was a total moron, that was fine. She would probably never see him again anyway. But if Keith had the same thing in mind, Amira’s life might just become a lot more exciting…


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