Sunday, December 23, 2012

#SixSunday Teaser from Sugar Bush

It's getting close to Chriiiiiiistmaaaaaaas. Had you noticed? Perhaps by the number of new Christmas stories on the market?

Every year I put out at least a couple new holiday releases.  This year, one of those is a lesbian BDSM short called Sugar Bush, available now from Torquere Press.

Six Sentences from Sugar Bush:

The vines feel like plastic cords around my ankles and wrists.  They’re tight, and tighter when I struggle, but that doesn’t stop me writhing against them.

Nanaate laughs, “I haven’t even started, and already you’re going crazy?”

Her eyes blaze in the firelight.  She wants to burn me.  She can’t wait.

If you like lesbian kink, give Sugar Bush a go:

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