Thursday, March 28, 2013

Come As You Are says "Use It or Lose It"

There's this place in Toronto called Come As You Are.  It's a worker-owned, co-operatively-run sex shop--the only one in the world according to their website,

But I found out something else from their website today: they're in danger of closing.  Small businesses everywhere are hurting, and CAYA co-op is facing troubled times.  They're counting on Toronto--on those of us who believe in their anti-capitalist, co-operative, community approach to business--to help.  And I think we can do it.  I think we WANT small independent shops to survive and thrive.

To get us all excited, they're holding a "Use It or Lose It" event.  Well, sale, but it sounds like an eventful sale.  You can read more about it on their blog:

CAYA's Core Values:

Come As You Are is special.  It really is.  It's not just a bricks-and-mortar (and online) store.  It also hosts all kinds of workshops around sex, sexuality and gender, with an open and inclusive approach.  I ran into them doing outreach at an organization where I do volunteer work.  These people really care about the city. 

Let's show them we care just as much:


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