Friday, March 22, 2013

New Release: Seducing the Sexy Celebrity Chef

I jotted something down on a scrap of paper as I was writing this new ebook.  Let's see if I can find it...

Less about telling a story and more about articulating a fantasy

That's my jotted-down note-to-self.  See, I wrote "Seducing the Sexy Celebrity Chef" while watching Kitchen Nightmares because... what can I say?  Kitchen Nightmares turns me on.  I figured I wasn't alone, so I wrote this fantastic little story.

I say "fantastic" meaning it's a sexual fantasy, and also a romantic fantasy--one a lot of people can probably able to relate to. 

A couple weeks ago on twitter, there was a hashtag about guilty romance pleasures.  A lot of readers said they didn't care whether a romance novel was realistic, as long as it gave them that warm-and-fuzzy feeling at the end.  That's kind of where I put this ebook, in my mind.  (When I passed it to Sweet for editing, though, she said it was probably more realistic than I realize--women probably throw themselves at sexy celebrity chefs all the time.)

So, fantasy, reality--you be the judge.  Seducing the Sexy Celebrity Chef is really just a story to be enjoyed.

Seducing the Sexy Celebrity Chef

by Giselle Renarde

Holly wants more than just an autograph from TV’s sexy Chef Burley. Every time she watches the celebrity sweating over a hot stove, she imagines him sweating on top of her. Holly’s not usually the kind of woman who would throw herself at a man, but she’s willing to make an exception for Chef Burley.

Every woman at the book signing wants a piece of the sexy celebrity chef. How will Holly stand out from the crowd?

Fast-paced erotica from award-winning writer Giselle Renarde.

WARNINGS: This erotic short story contains explicit language and graphic sex.

Word Count: 7,900


Holly didn’t care if everyone thought she was crazy—she was going to get more than just an autograph from Chef Burley.

She’d arrived hours before the book signing, thinking she’d be first in line. She should have known better. Every horny housewife in town was queued outside the yet-to-open restaurant, drooling for a taste of the sexy celebrity chef.

“I can’t get enough of Chef Burley,” said one woman in the line-up.

“I know what you mean,” another chimed in. “Every time I watch his show, it gets me so worked up I pounce on my hubby. Poor guy doesn’t know what hit him!”

Holly hugged Chef Burley’s cookbook tight to her chest. As far as she knew, the sexy celebrity was single, just like her. Those women didn’t know how lucky they were, having husbands to warm their beds. If they realized their good fortune, they wouldn’t be hanging around out here, discussing all the dirty things they’d like to do with the chef.

When the line finally started to move, Holly’s stomach dropped. No, she couldn’t do this. Come face to face with the man whose presence, even on TV, made her ache with want? No. No way.

But she didn’t turn around. She didn’t leave. As the line moved forward, so did she, step by step, until an assistant asked her, “Who would you like your autograph made out to?”

“To Holly,” she said.

Without another word, the austere assistant tore the cookbook from her arms.

She was still three side-steps away from Chef Burley, but if she leaned forward and looked down the table, she could see him. He was right there, in the flesh! They were breathing the same air. Unbelievable!

Holly bit her lip to keep herself from squealing. She always squealed when she watched his TV show—squealed, and throbbed, and wished for just a few minutes alone with him.

When Holly’s turn came up, her knees nearly buckled. She’d worn a push-up bra, just for him. Bending forward, she let her low-cut blouse fall open. For Chef’s eyes only!

Chef Burley looked up, and his eyes bulged. A playful smirk bled across his lips. “Have you been waiting long?”

Holly giggled like a schoolgirl. Oh, his accent! He was so sophisticated, so unlike the blockheads in this town. She wanted to grab his white chef’s jacket, pull him across the table, and kiss him until he couldn’t breathe.

Instead, Holly tittered and chewed her nail while Chef Burley scrawled his signature across the front page of his book. Every day on her way to work, she rehearsed what she’d say if she ever met him. Now he was right there, close enough to grab, and she didn’t know what to do.

“Thanks for buying my book,” Chef Burley said, looking her straight in the eye. Oh, those baby blues! They made her feel faint. “I hope you enjoy it, Sally.”

She giggled and nodded as a second assistant handed back her copy of the cookbook. Their gazes lingered while she backed away. She was so besotted she just about walked into the drinks table.

Wait… had Chef Burley called her Sally?

Taking a glass of white wine, Holly sat at one of the tables and opened her book. Sure enough, the inscription was made out to Sally, not Holly. That assistant must have given Chef Burley the wrong name. She thought to go back, but she didn’t want to make a fuss. She was embarrassed, even though the mistake wasn’t hers.

The afternoon passed in a haze. Holly leaned her elbows against her lonely table and gazed meekly at the celebrity. He was even more striking in person. His blondish hair was styled haphazardly, his face clean shaven, his features somewhere between chiseled and boyish. She wanted to see his arms, his chest, his whole body, naked. He was right there, and yet worlds away.

“We’re closing up now,” one of the assistants said...


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