Friday, March 8, 2013

One Day Only: A Free Book for Intenational Women's Day

I'll tell you something I probably shouldn't: I'd never heard of International Women's Day until just a few years ago.  Even then, it was only in my peripheral vision.  I thought, "Okay, that exists," and then moved on.  At best, I felt ambivalence, which is how I tend to feel about every holiday.  I kind of wonder, "Who benefits from this, and who is benefitting from it?"

I can't answer that question just yet.  Maybe you can.  And, come to think of it, I've heard half-answers from some of my friends.

I've always thought of my friends as Canadians, and they are... but it occured to me not long ago that, with the exception of my girlfriend, none of my closest friends were actually born in this country.  My nearest and dearest come from China, Iran, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia.

Two of my friends articulated the importance of International Women's Day by comparing the freedom and equality it represents to oppressive regimes and ways of life they've known.  Another woman I met, who was a newcomer from India, told me that before she heard about International Women's Day, nobody had ever even suggested to her that women were equal to men.

I'm going to repeat that, because it had a huge impact on me: before this intelligent, dynamic woman heard about International Women's Day, nobody had ever communicated to her, even indirectly, that women's lives are of equal value to men's.

That's huge.

Maybe that's something we take for granted.  Or maybe it's something someone out there needs to hear--that the lives of women, whether we're trans or cis or genderqueer or however we identify, are of equal value to men's.

If you ever find yourself down-heartedly thinking, "I'm a woman--I deserve this," then stop right now.  Reverse and ask yourself what led you to believe that lie.  And then hear me telling you that you never deserve to be abused, denigrated or disrespected.  Never.  That's not the role you've earned by virtue of your gender.  You are not a punching bag.

I realize I've focused on women from across the globe here.  That's not to say women are not systemically oppressed in the here-and-now, only that we in Canada have done a fine job of convincing ourselves that a multitude of oppressions do not exist in our country.  Oppression does exist here, it's just not as blatant as in other parts of the world.

Anyway, that discussion is outside the scope of this post.  I'd be typing for days if I really wanted to dig in.  I didn't even intend to write as much as I've already done.

I really only came online to tell you that, in honour of my fierce friends and what International Women's Day means to them, I've made my 6-story erotic anthology "Girls Gone Carnal: Lesbian Vamps, Witches and Weres" FREE at All Romance ebooks.  One day only: March 8, 2013.

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