Monday, March 18, 2013

The Kink in Kinksters: Waxing is for Pussies

Lesbian. Waxing. Threesome. Erotica.

Oh, yes. 

I've been blabbing about my Kinksters anthology for weeks, and sharing excerpts from the 10 stories it contains.  Today I'm sharing a snippet from one of the collection's lesbian threesome tales, Waxing is for Pussies.  As you might have guessed, it's a fetish story about waxing... pussies. 

Waxing is for Pussies is available as an ebook, as well as in my Kinksters anthology.

Claire is a butch dyke who doesn't go in for all the "girly" stuff. Her girlfriend Billie works at a salon, joyfully painting nails all day. When Billie takes up hot waxing, she asks Claire to be her test subject. She also asks her salon buddy Soo Jin to give her hand. How will Claire and Billie react when Soo Jin takes the request for help as an invitation to play? 

An excerpt from Waxing is for Pussies:

Soo Jin leaned against the waxing bed, tapping her fingers on the cushion. “Sounds like you two have trust issues.  You should work on that… right after we finish this wax job.  Now the next step is the pre-epilation oil. Billie, I think you’ve got that covered.”
“Oh. Yes.” 
My girl sprang into action. She poured the oil into her palm, dripping some down into my pubic hair.  When her hand touched my mound, I nearly leapt from the table.  How did I always manage to forget how good it felt to be stroked by someone else? Especially when that someone was a someone I loved?
“How does that feel?” Billie cooed.
“That’s nice.” I watched as her hand dipped into the curve of my thighs.  “Let’s just do this all night.”
Standing beside me, Soo Jin asked Billie, “Do you mind if I fondle your girlfriend’s boobs? I mean, as long as I’m here.  I am doing you a favour, staying late to help.”
Billie laughed. “Oh, go ahead. It’s not cheating if I’m standing right here, apparently…” As she pressed my big hairy lips together, she gave me a wink and I knew all was well with the world. “Do you think that pain killer’s kicked in yet?”
I shrugged before crossing my arms behind my head.  As soon as they were out of the way, Soo Jin grabbed my tits and kneaded. Naughty words streamed out of my mouth like a river of premature ejaculations, and I laughed at Billie’s question. “I don’t know if it’s the pain killers, but I’m feeling pretty damn good right now.”
“Then I’d say it’s time to get started,” Soo Jin chimed in.  She was an intrusive little beggar, but hilarious enough to stay in my good books.  “Now, what Billie’s going to do is apply the hot wax, starting on the outer edges.”
With a nod, Billie said, “Right.”   
When she didn’t move, I got nervous.
Soo Jin must have sensed my anxiety, because she worked her hands up to my nipples and squeezed.  “Remember,” she went on, “You’ll want to have your muslin strip ready to go, so keep it handy.  In fact, keep it in your hand.”
I closed my eyes. If Billie required this much encouragement, I didn’t want to see what was going on. In fact, a set of headphones would have been nice too.  Then I wouldn’t have been able to hear all the things she seemed to be doing wrong. 
I tried to block out the sounds of voices and just concentrate on sensations.  Soo Jin leaned in close, grasping my breasts in her hands.  She licked my nipples, then blew on them just as Billie came in with the wax. That tongue was magic. The wax felt like hot honey spreading all through my pubic hair and down my inner thigh. So much so that I started to understand food fetishists a little better.  The sensation of hot wax spreading across my skin made me wet.

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