Monday, March 25, 2013

Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen?

Never!  There can never be too many chefs, I tell you!

As you might have heard, I've got a new ebook on the market.  Seducing the Sexy Celebrity Chef is an explicit erotic romance that I wrote because... Gordon Ramsay.  (Need I say more?)

I was organizing marketing materials for this new release when another "chef" came to mind: Gareth Blackstock--Lenny Henry's character from the 90's britcom Chef!  So, of course, I perused YouTube until I found the perfect episode to share: Fame is the Spur.  It's the episode in which Chef Blackstock loses his cool on TV.

As luck would have it, I couldn't embed that episode here on the blog.  Figures. (It's here if you want to watch it)

But while I searched for an episode that was embeddable, I came across this clip featuring Lenny Henry and Gordon Ramsay cooking together.  What are the chances?  So I'll share that instead:

If you like celebrity chefs as much as I like them, you might want to check out Fucking Seducing the Sexy Celebrity Chef, new from eXcessica Publishing.

Holly wants more than just an autograph from TV’s sexy Chef Burley. Every time she watches the celebrity sweating over a hot stove, she imagines him sweating on top of her. Holly’s not usually the kind of woman who would throw herself at a man, but she’s willing to make an exception for Chef Burley.

Every woman at the book signing wants a piece of the sexy celebrity chef. How will Holly stand out from the crowd?

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