Friday, April 26, 2013

Promotional Opportunity for Authors: AReCafe Blog Topics

I'm reading two weeks worth of e-mails right now.  You know when you put something off and then the task seems ridiculously overwhelming?  Yeah.  That.

Anyhoo, I got this list of ARe's upcoming blog topics from Leigh Ellwood and it seemed like the sort of thing that many of you would find useful. Have a look:

*permission to forward*
Please find below the editorial calendar for for the rest of the year. AReCafe is the social/promotions site for All Romance, and a great place to reach new readers. Regular blog posts are available to authors at no charge, and there are premium ad opportunities there as well.

AReCafe is proud to feature authors of all genres of romance - contemporary to paranormal, sweet to erotic.

If you have titles available for sale at and/or and you're interested in a blog posts for any of the themed months, please email


June - LGBT month (all spots currently filled, but we will take stand-by names in the event somebody is MIA)

July - Romance tropes, different ones featured throughout the month. See schedule below.

August - Shapeshifter month, featuring shifters of all species

September - A celebration of book series, good time for authors with a series to promo

October - It's Halloween all month long, everything from horror and suspense, paranormal to gothic

November - NaNoWriMo month - We'd love to have authors talk about their first books and writing/submitting advice

December - Winter holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.), heat us up during the many chilly nights!

July - Romance Novel Tropes

1 - Marriage of Convenience
2 - Hero/heroine suffers amnesia
3 - Enemies to lovers
4 - Finding love on vacation
5 - Falling for best friend's brother/sister
8 - Reformed rakes in Regency romances
9 - Forbidden love
10 - Reuniting with old flame
11 - Ugly ducking hero/heroine
12 - Social class differences 
15 - Mistaken identity
16 - Gay for you
17 - Lovers in competition with each other
18 - Trapped/stranded together
19 - Secret baby
22 - Kidnap/hostage
23 - Reigniting marriage
24 - Disabled hero/heroine
25 - Cross-country trip
26 - May/December romance
29 - Hero/heroine returns to childhood home
30 - Revenge romance
31 - Dark secrets

Kathryn Lively
Community Manager -

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