Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Fail at Life, You Get a Free eBook

So, I just realized International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia was May 17th.  I totally missed it, didn't mention it here at Donuts & Desires, and didn't tweet about it.  It just fell off my radar. 

My memory lapse spells FREE BOOK for you.  Until tomorrow night (today's Wednesday, tomorrow's Thursday), I'm offering up my new Wedding Heat story free at All Romance:

Wedding Heat: Lickity Split is a lesbian threesome--a kinky erotic story involving hard bananas, cold ice cream, and hot fudge.  Want a taste?

I'm not going to do a big long post about IDAHOT this year, but when you think about it, isn't it totally bizarre that there are people in the world who hate and seek to oppress me (and all us LGBTQs) just because I'm (we're)... queer?  I don't get it.  It seems like another world, because I grew up in a family that was big-time queer positive.  Now I'm in a long-term lesbian relationship with a transgender woman and my family totally loves her and it just feels... easy.

But maybe I've got my rose-coloured glasses on, because I do recall just recently writing this post about losing friends and losing work due to transphobic attitudes.  Maybe if I'd actually remembered IDAHOT like a person with functioning memory, I'd have had more to say.  Or maybe I'm totally copping out by directing you to a post I wrote last month.

Lazy?  Who, me?  Nah, it's just silly to re-write what I've already written.

Anyhoo, enjoy your kinky free read and take care of each other.

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