Saturday, June 22, 2013

#MySexySaturday "Look Arthur: No Panties!"

Here's a super-sexy scene from my latest release, Wedding Heat: Wife Watching.  Actually, this 12th installment in my Wedding Heat series only came out yesterday, and already you anxious fans have been at it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In this scene from Wedding Heat: Wife Watching, hotwife Suki brings Arthur, a young guy she met on the dance floor, up to her room so her husband Simon can watch them GET IT ON from behind a room divider (lucky their hotel room was so well-equipped, huh?).

Here they are! Seven paragraphs from Wife Watching:

Suki turned around, showing Arthur her nearly-naked front.  She hadn’t worn anything under the body stocking, and her little pink nipples hardened between the black spider web weave.

“Look Arthur: no panties.”  She traced her fingers between her legs, cupping her mound.  “Can you believe it?  All that time on the dance floor… you could have fucked me right there.  You could have spun me around, pulled out your cock, and fucked me with all those people around.”

“You’re not for real.”  Arthur looked around the room.  “You got a camera set up, or some shit.”

“No, no.”  Suki grabbed him by the wrist and set his hand against her pussy.  “I’m not out to get you, Arthur.  I’m just a little slut.”

Simon’s dick pummelled his pants.  He struggled not to moan.

Arthur didn’t say anything.

“Put your fingers in my pussy,” Suki begged.  “Feel how wet I am?  That’s something a girl can’t fake.  It’s all for you, Arthur.”

Are you sweating yet?  Want more?


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  1. Nice excerpt! Thanks for joining in My Sexy Saturday. Hope to see you next week!