Monday, August 19, 2013

"Aim low. Aim so low that no one will even care if you succeed." -Marge Simpson

If you follow Alison Tyler on Twitter, you'll have noticed she's got a campaign going to sell 50,000 copies of her ebook "Banging Rebecca."

Well, I'm not half that confident, but I am somewhat inspired. That's why I'm starting my own campaign to sell 50 copies of my ebook "Stripping My Son's Sleeping Girlfriend." 

Remember, this book has been BANNED BY AMAZON, so you won't find it there.  You will, however, find it on sale until Friday of this week at All Romance eBooks for the low, low price of only $0.99:

50 copies. That sounds achievable, right?  Achievable, in an "aim so low that no one will even care if you succeed" sort of way.

Got a buck? Buy some smut:


  1. 1/50 right here. I'll try to help you out on Twitter, etc, too. Good luck!