Saturday, September 14, 2013

#MySexySaturday, Family Business, and a 50% Off Coupon!

This Saturday, I'm showcasing my new TABOO release.  Adam and Sheree's Family Business just hit the market yesterday, so you can be among the first to snag a copy... if you dare!

After shagging her brother all summer, Sheree is desperate for a place to live.  Adam reluctantly agrees to let her crash on his couch until she finds a job, but the house is already crowded--he has three college roommates.  Sheree gets on everybody's nerves pretty quickly, but that's the least of Adam's concerns when he discovers his sister's new porn business...

Here we have seven paragraphs from Adam and Sheree's Family Business:

Pushing magazines and empty 7-Up cans to the floor, Adam set his laptop on the coffee table.  He traced his palm up and down his crotch, barely applying any pressure.  If he grabbed his cock or held it too hard, he’d fill his shorts right there on the living room couch.

Onscreen, Porn Star Sheree licked her glossy lips.  She winked at the camera before letting her silky blouse slide down one shoulder.  Fuck, even her shoulders made Adam’s dick surge against his fly.  This was ridiculous.  Any other guy would be ashamed, watching his sister in a porn video.  Adam felt guilty for not feeling guilty.  Hell, he’d fucked that girl six ways to Sunday.  Seeing her strip online made him excessively horny.

“Whatcha watchin’?”

Adam tensed as he looked from his laptop to the real thing.  Sheree leaned against the door jamb with her arms folded under her tits.  She was naked from head to toe.

“What are you doing?  Are you stupid?”  Adam threw Pearl’s chenille blanket at her.  “Put some fucking clothes on!”

Draping the throw over her shoulders, Sheree sauntered around the barricade of boxes.  “So, you found one of my strip clips, huh?”

“I didn’t exactly go looking.  It just popped up when I opened my computer.”

Adam and Sheree's Family Business is the sequel to this summer's hot seller, Adam and Sheree's Family Vacation.  They're both too taboo for Amazon, All Romance, and BookStrand, but they ARE available from select retailers.

To celebrate the sequel's release, I'm giving you a coupon to get 50% off the first book, Adam and Sheree's Family Vacation, only at Smashwords, only with this coupon code:
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And when you're done with the Family Vacation, check out the Family Business!

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